Types of Interactions

Inspire students to interact with their environment, investigate important challenges, and create original solutions by tapping into the universal laws of nature. Watch the topic series video to learn how students can harness the Laws of Motion to ignite innovation and pursue exciting STEM careers emerging in the Industry 4.0 revolution.

Hands-On Classroom Activities

Discover how the Laws of Motion play a part in every single thing we do with these simple, easy-to-implement activations aligned to education standards. Students will take on a series of creative STEM challenges in which they put the power of force and motion into action.

Heavy Lifting

How are magnetism and gravity similar?
Unlock the power of magnetic attraction as students build a simple crane out of household materials and use it to create an original game.

Invisible Forces

Does knowing how electricity works change the way you use it?
Explore the creative ways natural forces can be harnessed with an activity in which students design a tabletop game using electromagnetic game pieces.

Power of Gravity

Can gravity be “hacked”?
Take a closer look at the everyday effects of gravity on our lives as students are challenged to make their own DIY helium balloon and achieve liftoff.

AI, big data, machine learning, and automation will usher in a new and novel world full of interesting careers that don’t even exist today.

– Kat, Host

After School Activity

Explore the ways that the Laws of Motion can be harnessed in students’ everyday lives with a series of engaging activities that are easy to implement in any environment.

Electric Train

After designing their train tracks and successfully getting their train to traverse it, students will learn the connection of synchronous AC motors with the shift in the electric car market and how that can push into industry 4.0.