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Relationship Between Energy and Forces

Forces—gravitational, magnetic, and electrical, for instance—transmit energy from one object to another. Students discover how these forces can be harnessed to create sensors and virtual and mixed reality experiences, and help us interact with the world in new and powerful ways.

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Conservation of Energy & Energy Transformation

Students learn about the processes of conservation of energy and the constant energy transformations happening all the time in their everyday lives. Energy transformation is examined in machines, natural phenomena, and without our own bodies.

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Forces and Motion

Give students the tools to tinker with their world and imagine their own life-changing solutions with an interactive exploration of the Laws of Motion. Ignite student creativity with a topic series video and hands-on STEM activations that connect essential laws of motion to innovations in AI, automation, robotics and more.

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Stability and Instability

Allow students to examine the complex ways that the human body self-regulates to maintain stability while interacting with the forces of gravity, and find out the difference between center of gravity and center of mass.

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Types of Interactions

Inspire students to interact with their environment, investigate important challenges, and create original solutions by tapping into the universal laws of nature. Watch the topic series video to learn how students can harness the Laws of Motion to ignite innovation and pursue exciting STEM careers emerging in the Industry 4.0 revolution.

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Spark Ideas Into Action

Find fun ways to prepare students for the careers of tomorrow through project-based STEM challenges that can be implemented on simple terms.

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