Stability and Instability

Examine the complex ways that the human body self-regulates to maintain stability while interacting with the forces of gravity, and find out the difference between center of gravity and center of mass

Hands-On Classroom Activities

Discover how the Laws of Motion play a part in every single thing we do with these simple, easy-to-implement activations aligned to education standards. Students will take on a series of creative STEM challenges in which they put the power of force and motion into action.


What is it that makes some structures more stable than others?
Explore the keys to strong infrastructure as students collaborate to build a working bridge and test how much weight it can handle.

Finding Balance

What—and where—is your center of gravity?
Discover the science behind seasickness with an activity in which students design a boat and investigate how to give it stability.

Roller Coaster Design

Would roller coasters work in a zero-gravity environment?
Unravel the power of centripetal force as students build their own marble roller coaster and work to complete a 360° loop.

AI, big data, machine learning, and automation will usher in a new and novel world full of interesting careers that don’t even exist today.

– Kat, Host

After School Activity

Explore the ways that the Laws of Motion can be harnessed in students’ everyday lives with a series of engaging activities that are easy to implement in any environment.

Stabilize Yourself

Students will explore the role of center of gravity on balance and stability by changing positions or adding objects that shift the center of gravity as they repeat this activity. Afterwards, students will how advancements in robotics have pushed industry 4.0 primarily through stabilization and how it may continue to influence industry 4.0.